The Institute for Political Studies in Belgrade continues its project of publishing the scientific journal “Serbian Political Thought” started in 1996, with the goal of introducing European and international scientific circles to contemporary courses in political science and research in Serbia. Serbia, with its numerous issues ensuing from the breakup of Yugoslavia- nationalism, ethnic conflicts, state- and nation-building, parallel with its multiple issues of the postcommunist transition toward democracy and market economy, has remained a very interesting country from the aspect of interdisciplinary scientific studies. Nevertheless, Serbia is neither a new state, nor a new society, and has a contiunous tradition of political thought, implicating the whole spectrum of politicological topics that follow the most contemporary scientific trends worldwide.

We are assured of the necessity to publish the journal in English so as to efficiently present the development of political thought in Serbia. The Institute for Political Studies has been for over four decades one of central gathering places for a wide circle of intellectuals involved in political science in Serbia. We are proud to present to you the edition of their most significant articles in English, so that we can shed more light on main courses of Serbian political thought. For that reason this issue of the journal publishes a wide range of papers representing a cross section of the most significant trends in the Serbian political scene. Naturally, the illustrativeness of the cross section is directly influenced by the criteria and insights of the Editorial Board.

As a result, the main mission of our journal is to establish an exchange of ideas with our eminent colleagues and their scientific research intitutes from Europe and the whole world. For that reason, we would like to invite all colleagues interested in collaboration to contact us without hesitation.

Editorial Board